Digital Scientists
since 1998


A good result is just the beginning. An ad campaign needs to improve constatly and become smarter as it matures.


An agency must be agile, resourceful and always first in testing new advertising models. This is Velox.


Every time we exchange information, our efforts become better targeted and more effective.

Nothing replaces experience

We have been by your side for 24 years

We took our first steps in the world of the Internet in 1998 under the brand of YelloGelo, with operations mainly in the UK and US markets.

In 2011 we expanded to Ireland and in 2019 we opened our first offices in Athens, Greece. Since then we have worked with dozens of businesses, big and small alike. Nothing gives us more pleasure than watching your goals come to fruition.

Why Velox?

✱ The proof is in the pudding: our clients see a minimum of 100% sales increase and over 400% improvement in social media KPIs. 

✱ We always talk with numbers and real performance indicators.

✱ We take pride in our work. When you team up with Velox, you work with seasoned professionals every step of the way.

✱ With every handshake we get a new, valuable partner.